National Donate Life Month

National Donate Life Month (NDLM) was established by Donate Life America and its partnering organizations in 2003. Celebrated in April each year, NDLM features an entire month of local, regional and national activities to help encourage Americans to register as organ and tissue donors and to celebrate
those that have saved lives through the gift of donation.

For National Donate Life Month (NDLM) 2022, Donate Life America was inspired by the vital role that bees play in sustaining life.

Bees are a small but powerful life force, working together with dedication, collaboration and a strong sense of community.

Myth: I’m too old or sick to donate
Fact: Strict age limits for donation no longer exist. Medical professionals can determine which of your organs and tissues would be suitable for donation

Myth: Donating organs and tissue is against my religion
Fact: All major religions support donation. It is typically considered a generous act that is the individual’s choice.

Myth: I don’t need to tell my family about my wish to donate because I’ve signed a donor card and put a sticker on my license
Fact: Your family will be consulted before any organs or tissues are recovered. They will be asked to consent, and their wishes will be honored. Telling your family now of your wish to donate is the best way to ensure that your wished are carried out.

Myth: It will cost money to donate
Fact: Organ and tissue donation is completely free. A donor’s family is not charged for donation


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