Comprehensive, coordinated pediatric care.


Pediatric services are provided by Dr. Jayne Tarkleson, Pediatrician, to UCVH through the NCH Patient Care Center – Colebrook. Dr. Tarkleson, and her expert team of medical professionals provide the very best in pediatric care. The compassion and focus on truly listening to patients and their families is what makes this practice so special. Whether it’s immunizations, check-ups, or more complex issues Dr. Tarkleson can help.

Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Treating infants through adolescents
  • Providing pre-natal appointments
  • Meet and greet appointments for expectant moms

Comprehensive coordinated care is provided, and when necessary, patients and families will be referred to specialists.

Multiple locations are available for pediatric services:

Dr. Jayne Tarkleson sees patients at the following locations:

  • NCH Patient Care Center – Colebrook – 181 Corliss Lane, Colebrook
  • Whitefield Physician Office – 8 Clover Lane, Whitefield

Dr. Jessica Jacobs sees patients at the following location:

  • NCH Weeks Medical Center – 536 Cottage Street, Littleton
  • Whitefield Physician Office – 8 Clover Lane, Whitefield

For more information, or to make an appointment at any of the listed locations, call (603) 788-5095.


Pediatrics Provider