Behavioral Health, Addiction Services & Substance Use Disorder

Behavioral Health, Addiction Services & Substance Use Disorder

Consultation-liaison services for patients suffering from both psychiatric and medical disorders.

Behavioral Health & Addiction Services

Weeks Medical Center North Country Recovery Center is available in Colebrook at Upper Connecticut Valley Hospital.

Is addiction impacting your daily life? Behavioral Health, Addiction Services and Recovery Treatment at the Weeks North Country Recovery Center, is now available in Colebrook, NH.

  • Medication assisted recovery
  • Substance use and mental health counseling
  • Recovery skills
  • Treatment and individualized recovery plans focused on total care

For more information, and an appointment in Colebrook, call (603) 444-2277.


Substance Use Disorder (SUD)

UCVH has partnered with regional efforts to provide better resources by improving how we CARE: Compassion, Awareness, Resources, and Education. This includes direct access to:

• Detox Facility Placement
• Inpatient Residential Programs
• Partial Hospitalization Programs
• Outpatient Programs (including remote)
• Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT)
• Behavioral Health Programs

In addition to increased access, UCVH staff are committed to reducing stigmatization of people with SUD through training and education.

Treatment Centers:

The following provide Detox, Residential Inpatient, Residential Outpatient, MAT, and Sober Living (will provide transportation if needed):


  • NH Detox & Bonfire (TruHealing) (Located in Bethlehem & Dover, NH)


  • Granite Recovery Centers (Baymark) (Located in Effingham, Salem, Canterbury, NH & Portland, ME)

Additional Resources:

  • AskPETRA: A free service provides local resources, training and 1:1 help to connect providers, adults, and families with the support they need to understand, prevent, and treat SUD.
    • Call (603) 259-1729, text “TALK” to (603) 259-4820,


  • NH Doorway: A free, grant-funded organization providing access to medication-assisted treatment (MAT), peer recovery support services, recovery housing, evidence-based prevention programs, workforce opportunities, training and education.



  • Al-Anon Family Groups: AL-ANON/ AL-ATEEN are the family and loved one’s counterpart to AA/NA. They offer in-person and virtual meetings, literature and podcasts.

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Behavioral Health, Addiction Services & Substance Use Disorder Providers