Service Impact 2013

Total Admissions: 311
ED/WI Patients: 3,863
Surgical Outpatients: 297
Rehab Visits: 9,995
Radiology Visits: 5,817
Mammogram: 808
Medication Doses: 47,616
Ambulatory: 483
Laboratory: 135,947


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mapWhen the right people are in the right place at the right time, great things can happen.  At UCVH, our people are the greatest resource we have.  Our exceptional care would not be possible without the devotion, energy, talent, and cooperation of our staff.  It is only because of them that we have been able to reach such ambitious heights.

UCVH has concentrated their efforts over the past few years on working closely with neighboring healthcare facilities.  Our goal is to continue strengthening the strategic cooperation that exists amongst the North Country hospitals.  Together Weeks, AVH, and Littleton, achieve excellence in patient care for our region.  We identify that our common roots are the patients we serve and for them we have formally committed to explore beneficial ways of working together that will positively impact the care they receive now and in the future. 

For more information please visit North Country Hospitals Affiliation: www.northcountryhealth.org. or attend our Community Meetings.