Upper Connecticut Valley Hospital strives to improve the well-being of the rural communities we serve by promoting health and ensuring access to quality care.

Ambulatory Nursing Services

Contact:  603-388-4302
Hours: Monday – Friday
Other days as necessary

Virtual Tour Ambulatory Nursing

Same day treatments and interventions.   The nursing team is always happy to serve their patients with individualized attention and expertise for varied conditions.

  • IV Medications/Therapies for:
    • Autoimmune disorders (like Remicade, Orencia & IVIG)
    • Antibiotics
    • Blood transfusions
    • Hydration
    • Chemotherapies
    • Anemia management
  • Port-a-Cath Care/PICC line:
    • Lab draws
    • Maintenance flushes
    • Access changes
    • Dressing changes
    • Infusions
  • Surgical/Wound Care:
    • Wound Vacs
    • Dressing changes
    • Wound Consults with Wound Care Certified Nurse
  • Cardiac Monitoring Device placement, EKG’s

  • Therapeutic Phlebotomy

  • Injections like:
    • Lovenox
    • Aranesp
    • Epogen

Appointments are scheduled through the department with recommendation from your providers.