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The Pharmacy at Upper Connecticut Valley Hospital serves a vital role on the health care team. Services include assistance with drug selection, pharmacokinetic dosing and monitoring, patient and team education, general drug information. renal dosing, and adverse drug reaction reporting.

In the outpatient arena, the Pharmacy, Ambulatory Nursing Services Department, and the Emergency Department  team up to assure safe drug therapy, drug administration, toxicities, compatibilities, and related supportive care management.  

During the day, the Pharmacy is staffed by Pharmacist, Robert Gooch and Certified Pharmacy Technician, Sherron Coletti.  At night, technology plays a role, as we use a remote telepharmacy company to process medication orders.  These companies assist many rural  hospitals in meeting their staffing requirements after hours and on holidays and weekends.

At night, technology plays a role in getting assistance from a virtual Pharmacist at E-Pharm Pro, a company that many rural hospitals use to meet their staffing requirements after hours and on holidays and weekends.  The Providers caring for inpatients utilize a CPOE (Computerized Physician Order Entry) program on their computer screen  to pick and choose UCVH available medication entries for their patients.  This program has built in features that disallow choices that are not safe and provides alerts for allergies and duplicate orders.
Because of the critical need for medication safety, the Pharmacy champions a Surveillance Program, through the implementation of the MEPI (Medication Error Prevention Initiative) Hotline.  Physicians, nurses, and other health professionals are able to report a possible or actual event by calling the MEPI Hotline. The hotline is operational 24 hours a day. All documented or suspected allergic and other significant reactions and errors in any aspect of the medication process may be reported through the hotline. There is no paper work involved. All calls are strictly confidential. The data collected is analyzed for trends that could signify areas where medication error prevention can occur.  The purpose of this program is to identify and correct system breakdowns believed to be causing errors.  
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