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The Care Management Department provides a wide range of supportive health and social services to help address the emotional stress and uncertainty resulting from your illness or hospitalization. Services provided by a social worker and/or registered nurses are directed toward the emotional, social and continuing care needs of you and your family.

Continuity of Care

- Evaluating possible continuing care needs

- Facilitating the patient's transition from hospital to home, extended care facility, rehabilitation center, or another hospital.

- Evaluating needs and making referral to community resources such as Home Health, Meals on Wheels, community action including "Lifeline", a home emergency response system, for people concerned about getting to a telephone in an emergency.

- Arranging for home medical equipment and home infusion therapy, including walkers, wheelchairs, oxygen, intravenous antibiotics, and nutrition, etc.

CounselingBrief individual, family or group therapy to help cope with adjustments to illness, injury, loss or changes in life style.
Resource Assistance and Advocacy
 Information about and referral to community resources for such concerns as lodging, transportation, legal aid, Living Wills/Durable Power of Attorney, etc.

Financial Assistance
Provide information about access to financial resources such as public assistance/welfare, social security, Medicaid, Medicare, etc.
Care Management assistance can be obtained by asking your doctor or nurse. These services are confidential.

Contact us at (603) 388-4257

If you are a private duty care giver and would like to be added to our contact list, please call our Care Management department at 388-4257

181 Corliss Lane, Colebrook, New Hampshire 03576 (603) 237-4971
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Upper Connecticut Valley Hospital provides communication assistance free of charge.
We have access to Language Interpretation, Video Sign Language, and many assistive devices for hearing and vision impairments, in order to accommodate your communication needs.