Upper Connecticut Valley Hospital

181 Corliss Lane Road
Colebrook, NH 03576

P: (603) 237-4971

F: (603) 237-4452

W: ucvh.org

Core values assist us in achieving our mission. These values only have meaning through action and behavior. Upper Connecticut Valley Hospital's core values are...

Stewardship- To properly utilize and develop resources so that our organization is protected and sustainable.

Community- As a healthcare team member, we work to be involved in our community by promoting health and connectivity to the people we serve.

Respect- Working with patients and their families with courteous regard for their feelings.

Integrity- We commit to creating an honest and trustful environment through mutual respect, teamwork and professionalism.

Compassion- We care deeply about the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of our patients, families and staff.

Excellence- We continuously enhance our expertise and specialized knowledge, skills and/or abilities through our commitment to exceptional patient care.

181 Corliss Lane, Colebrook, New Hampshire 03576 (603) 237-4971
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Upper Connecticut Valley Hospital provides communication assistance free of charge.
We have access to Language Interpretation, Video Sign Language, and many assistive devices for hearing and vision impairments, in order to accommodate your communication needs.