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The long-planned affiliation of the four North Country hospitals —
Androscoggin Valley Hospital, Berlin; Littleton Regional Healthcare; Upper
Connecticut Valley Hospital, Colebrook; and Weeks Medical Center, Lancaster
became official with the completion of closing documents.

The closing launches a new system called North Country Healthcare. Its
purpose is to coordinate the activities of the four hospitals in the areas
of planning, administration, purchasing, human resources, marketing, finance
and contracting. Its goal will be to maintain access to high quality,
affordable health care throughout the North Country.

The new arrangement maintains the four independently governed North Country
hospitals as critical access hospitals providing care in their local
communities. The four hospitals retain their names, their individual Boards
of Trustees, and control of their assets and charitable endowments.

Warren West, head of Littleton Regional Healthcare, and Russ Keene, formerly
head of Androscoggin Valley Hospital have been selected by the new board to
lead the new system, West as CEO and Keene as President and CFO.

Michael Peterson, FACHE has been selected as the new president of AVH.
Recruitment is underway for new site leaders at LRH, Weeks Medical Center
and Upper Connecticut Valley Hospital.

Mark Kelley, former chair of Androscoggin Valley Hospital’s board, will also
chair the North Country Healthcare board. Donald Crane, treasurer of the
Weeks Medical Center board will serve as its vice chair. Steve Trooboff,
former chair of Littleton Regional Healthcare’s board, will serve as North
Country Healthcare’s treasurer. Greg Placy, chair of Upper Connecticut
Valley Hospital’s board will serve as its secretary.

The newly formed board of directors held its orientation last month and will
hold its first official meeting on May 5.

“I'm excited that we’ve reached this point,” said Kelley. “Now we can roll
up our sleeves and get to work to build a health system that makes life
better in the communities our hospitals serve.”

More information about the North Country Hospitals affiliation may be found
at www.northcountryhealth.org.

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